Wine and Port

1998 Wine and Port

1998 Wine Vintage Report

1998 Italian :

Another very good year for Tuscany and Piedmont although some Tuscan producers suffered from poor picking timing during the October rains. Those that picked before or after were rewarded with long living wines but to be sure, pick a Barolo or Barbaresco from Piedmont. The wines are classics and will drink well now or keep for another 10 years or more.

1998 Bordeaux :

1998 wine: This year favoured the merlot grape leading to a glorious vintage in Pomerol and St Emillion. This is undoubtedly the greatest vintage for Merlot-dominated wines since 1990 and the quality of the St-Emilions and Pomerols is outstanding being powerful and tannic. The M├ędoc wines were initially under-rated, but properties with the finest terroirs have produced some excellent high-quality wines that are now showing tremendous promise.

1998 Vintage Port :

1998 port: Not generally declared as a vintage. A small crop produced some good and powerful Quinta Vintage Ports. Colheitas or Single Harvest Ports such as Kopke or Barros would make an excellent alternative for port lovers.

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1998 1998 Chateau Grand Renouil

The Grand Renouil wine aromas are of black berry fruits (blackberry, black currant) and spices. After ageing, a delicate truffle nose can appear. Full-bodied, with silky, elegant tannins, and a long finish.
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1998 1998 Chateau Moulin -Haut-Laroque

This wine from the good 1998 vintage comes from the Fronsac region of Bordeaux. The wine has jammy notes of plum nad black fruits, a little gamey characteristic.
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1998 1998 French Duo

*Double Deluxe Box with wine accessories included as illustrated*

This is a lovely anniversary gift from the 1998 Bordeaux Vintage celebrating 18 years in 2016.
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1998 Chateau Cissac

Good colour, great legs and nose. Quite nice when opened. Perhaps a trace of liquorice and a hint of 'medicinal' character. After 3-4 hours - quite rich and aromatic with good cherry fruit and a touch of maraschino at the end.
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1998 Chateau Dauzac

The 1998 Chateau Dauzac is now beautifully mature, yet possesses a youthful purity.

Possessing an earthy nose, with notes of coffee, leather, licorice, tar and a good bit of stewed fruit.
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1998 Chateau Giscours

This is the second wine of Chateau Giscours and is now fully mature. This is a classic Bordeaux, with a deep ruby colour, an emerging bouquet of vanil
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1998 Chateau Haut Marbuzet

The 1998 Haut-Marbuzet has a lovely nose of slightly sour crushed berries, moss, undergrowth and occasionally some cheesey notes. It is bodied, quite tannic and a touch spicy.
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1998 Chateau Petit Val

This is a classic Bordeaux, merlot based with a deep ruby colour showing its age with a little rusting at the rim, an emerging bouquet of vanilla, cof
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1998 Chianti

The "Castello di Brolio" expresses the refined elegance that only the specific terroir of Brolio could produce. It is the "great wine" achieved by sel
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